The Controversy Surrounding 13 Reasons Why

Hi guys,

This post is about the controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why the Netflix series. For those who haven’t seen it, there are going to be spoilers, so ***SPOILER ALERT***.

The series’ message is:

  1. Your actions affect people, and what might seem little to you might not be so little for someone else
  2. People care about you, you leaving affects everyone you touched especially those close to you

13 Reasons Why has received backlash from the suicide prevention societies. Some people say the the series romanticizes suicide and doesn’t mention mental illness. Also let’s not forget that the suicide scene can be triggering for people with depression and those who self-harm.

To be honest, I agree with both sides. I think that the suicide scene can be very triggering for someone. I knew about the last 2 episodes before getting to them and I couldn’t watch them alone. My boyfriend was so kind to watch them with me. And that suicide scene was brutal. As a person who used to self-harm, I totally get how the scene can be triggering especially for people who cut or used to cut themselves (like me) because Hannah ends up slitting her wrists. I couldn’t watch all of it even with my boyfriend watching with me. Although the scene can be triggering, I don’t think that it romanticizes suicide. The scene is raw and honest (I watched bits and pieces). Slitting your wrist is very painful and you can see the pain Hannah goes through.

As for the message behind the series, I think they did a good job on that. You see the struggle Clay goes through and her parents. You see the impact it has on Alex. and the others. I think that it also portrait the books message as well.

Let me know what you think about this controversy by commentating on this post. 🙂

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