Wherever You Are

Hi guys!

School is finally over!! Yay!!  I haven’t been writing lately because my heart wasn’t in it. But recently something happened that made me want to write. I have not idea about what. But whenever I feel sad or lost writing has always made me feel better. It’s funny because I would dream about what I wanted my life to be. I was/am a hopeless romantic. So I would always fantasized about the perfect way a guy would ask me to prom and such. But recently, I realized that I didn’t do that anymore and I had somewhat stopped writing because my life is everything I wanted. I finally was in a good place. I finally found a good guy, but somehow I kept convincing myself that this wouldn’t last because these things don’t happen to me. But it did, somehow. And somehow, I thought that being alone is easier than being with someone else because I got to control the pain I felt or what ever else would happen to me. But that’s not how things work. Plus, I’ve learned that you have to enjoy things while they last.

“Every song ends, but is that a reason not to enjoy the music” -Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

I love this quote. Anyway, I figure this is getting long enough. So I’ll talk to you guys soon? If I haven’t already bored you to death 😉


One thought on “Wherever You Are

  1. C’est très beau et touchant ce que tu écris, Lia. J’aime ça parce que tu parles du plus profond de toi et ça m’aide à te connaītre. Merci d’ětre toi.


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