The Beauty Of Friendship

Hey guys,

I’m coming up for air from all that studying to share another short story I wrote for school. I personally love this one and had lots of fun writing it. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here it is:

I will always love Katie. We were really close. I remember the first time I met Katie. She was not happy. She was really upset, she had a long day and she was tired. She was crying and I went to comfort her. She squeezed me tightly as tears ran down her cheeks. She slowly stopped crying and began to smile. She asked if I wanted to be her friend and I say yes. We’ve been friends ever since. We always got along, okay that’s not true. We mostly got along. We’re different, but the same. She’s funny, cute at times, very stubborn at other times. I’m a good listener and a great cuddle buddy. I don’t move a lot. I would sometimes spend all day in bed. It depended on whether I was spending time with Katie or not. Katie would always make my day brighter. I loved it when she would come over. We would stay up late and talk all night. We would talk about princesses and fairy tales. We would make up our own fairy tales. We once made up a story where my house was a castle and I was the prince and she was the princess. We had to save the kingdom from the evil fae sorceress Lulu. Lulu lived in the enchanted forest and she would turn people into animals, cupcakes, dragons or bats. Lulu with the help of her sidekick Pix, who was a fairy, wanted to take over the kingdom and make it her own personal playground. Together, Princess Katie and I realized that Lulu was lonely and she was only turning people into animals because she wanted friends. We became friends with Lulu and welcomed her into the kingdom and we all became friends forever. Having friends was really important to us. We would have tea parties with our friends. We would invite Marley, Gina and Gerard. We would eat cookies and drink raspberry tea. Things weren’t always perfect, but I was always there for Katie like when we would watch movies together, she would hug me tightly whenever she got scared. She would get scared easily. I remember the many times where we would watch The Little Mermaid and we were never able to finish it because she was always scared of Ursula. She was really proud of herself when she finally watched the whole movie. We had a lot of good moments like those.

As time passed by she started to distance herself from me. She made new friends and would spend most of her time with them. I felt like she had replaced me. We didn’t talk as often as we used to. When she would come over, she would either do her homework or listen to music. We would barely talk, when we talked she would mostly talk to me about boys. It was never as fun as our old conversations. I would see her almost every day and she would not talk to me. I didn’t know what I did wrong. It seemed like she didn’t care about me anymore or that she was embarrassed to be with me. I began spending most of my time alone. There were long periods of time where I was really sad and lonely. I didn’t have many friends besides Katie. So, I naturally got bored when she wasn’t spending time with me, which happened to me most of the time. It wasn’t a good feeling. I would get bored and that would turn into sadness. I would sometimes talk to our old friends, but it would make me feel sadder because it would remind me of the good times we had together. Now that they’re gone, it would make me sad to remember them.  Marley, Gina and Gerard also missed Katie. We would sometimes try to do tea parties, but without Katie it wasn’t the same. When I wasn’t talking to Marley, Gina and Gerard about how much we missed Katie, I would try to entertain myself by making up stories. It would work for a while, but I would get sad and lonely again. With time, things only got worse. It went from little communication to none at all. I miss Katie. I don’t see her anymore because she moved away and she’s doing other things now. I wish her well. It sometimes makes me sad that we don’t talk anymore, but I understand that sometimes people simply grow apart. Katie’s in her twenties now. She gone to University, which I why I don’t see her anymore. She met a guy and is happy, which makes me happy. I’ve come to accept that she doesn’t need me anymore. Even though she grew up to be a wonderful young lady, I have faith that she will always remember her first best friend; Me, Tibbers, her teddy bear.

© 2015, Lia, all rights reserved

I hope you guys liked it. I wish you all a great & happy holiday! 🙂

Lots of love,