13 Reasons Why

Hey guys!

I read the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher when I was in 9th grade. I got the book for Christmas. I remember loving the book. I read it fairly quickly.

The book is about a girl called Hannah Baker who commits suicide. We learn her story through a set of tapes she pre-recorded listing 13 who are responsible for the reason she committed suicide. The tapes are given anonymously to the people responsible, if they don’t pass it to the next person on the tape, the set of tapes will be release to the whole school by someone who was given an extra set by Hannah.

I personally loved this book because even if Clay was in the tapes, I don’t think he was one of the reasons why Hannah took her life. He is there because she wanted to explain to him what happened. She wanted him to know because they liked each other.

This book is very well written. I cried at the end of the book. And I will eventually read it again. Jay Asher does a great job telling Hannah’s story and making you feel how she felt; tired, hopeless, alone…

If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it. If you have read this book, what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Let me know by commenting on this post. 🙂

Lots of love


17 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why

    • Well… Let’s see, there’s Zodiac by Romina Russell, I started to read it while I was waiting for somebody at chapters one day. It sounds really good :). Have you read If I Stay by Gayle Forman? That was a good/sad book. I haven’t been reading a lot lightly and you have read of the same books as I have.


      • I have read If I Stay and Where she Went and i LOVED THEM!!!!!! I will research this book! I highly suggest the Slated series. It is so different from the other dystipian novels and I whizzed through it quickly! Thank you!


      • I m sure you wont see this till mornign but I will be heading to school so I will be busy. I am curious if I am rushing into the main plot or how fast pace this book should be. I know that I would like it to have about three hundred pages for one book but I am unsure how to decide when to time things. You had given me the advice to start how she learns about her abilities but I am scared that if i start now I wont have much of a story to continue into an actual book. I know i JUST REPEATED MYSELF!!!! I am so frustrsated I am sure I have a good story here but dont want to ruin the first idea I have had in months. If you can help I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!!!!!


      • I think you have a lot to go on. What I meant by she could start learning about her abilities is that you could start her confusion stage. She can act weird. Not herself. She is unsure of what is happening to her. Then she can be scared. She can learn to control her abilities with someone later on. Remember that this is just a draft, you can always go back and add things later if you find the book too short. You can always fix things later. 🙂 Hope this can help. 🙂

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      • thank you for explaining what I can do to deal with my confusion. But one last question is if you could see how many pages this book would be so far, with about 7000 words without the third chapter I am working on.


      • Oh thanks, I was confused for a moment there. I have just gotten on my blog after being busy. I was surprised to see your post and I am so thankful and touched. When I opened my site and saw I was so surprised and felt so touched. It was a lovely thing to come back to and you gave me the push to continue my book. I had felt discouraged and you gave me a boost. I hope I can do the same!! Thank you once again!


  1. Sorry, I miss read your question. 7000 words is about a page in a half (I think). Anyway, it’s hard to tell how many pages a book will be in the end, but I think yours has the potential to be about 300-400 pages or more. Anywho, I’ll take a look at your chapter. 🙂


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