The Fallen Series

Hello everyone!

I’m going to talk about The Fallen Series, which is one of my favourite series so far. The Fallen series is written by Lauren Kate. It consists of 4 books: Fallen, Torment, Passion and Rapture. The series revolves around a girl named Lucinda Price and following fallen angels Arriane Alter, Cam, Gabbe Givens, Molly Zane, Roland Sparks and Lucinda’s love interest Daniel Grigori. Lucinda and Daniel’s love story is not an ordinary one. They are cursed and they must find a way to break this curse, but what makes them think that this time will be different? Will they finally have the happy ever after they deserve?

I must say that Passion’s my favourite book out of the four. Mostly because we look into Daniel and Lucinda’s past & they go way, way, way back. We also get to know what happened between Cam and Daniel.

Lauren Kate did a great job at telling this beautiful heart wrenching love story. It’s a great example of what true love is. No matter what happens between Lucinda and Daniel, no matter who wants to keep them apart, they always end up finding each other.

To be honest, I would reread the series, but I lent Fallen to someone who never gave it back to me :(, but I will definitely reread Passion.

I recommend that you guys take a look at Haylee04‘s review of Fallen to have more of a sense of what Fallen is about. Her post is called Saturday Sitdown.

Lots of love


2 thoughts on “The Fallen Series

  1. Thank you for recommending me and I love your review. If you don’t have Fallen then you can order it off a site that sends books to a local library. Ask a local Librarian and she or he might know what I am talking about


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